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Public Speaking

If you'd rather have a root canal than give a speech in public, help is available! Individually, or in a group, you will learn:

  • How to relax and be confident
  • How to develop and organize your speech
  • Dynamic delivery skills
  • How to engage and influence your audience
  • What you need to learn, and so much more!


"Jenni Prisk is a delight to work with; more importantly, she is really good at what she does. Jenni listens well, asks good, constructive questions and challenges her clients in a way that helps them discover what it is they are trying to communicate. That having been done, she then works with them to perfect the statement of that message and (in the case of oral presentations) the delivery of that statement."
— Stephen L. Weber, Immediate Past President
San Diego State University



When your company is in line to win important contracts, you need every team member to hit the mark.  Prisk Communication will:

  • Align the team and their roles and the focus of the presentation
  • Insure that the messages are on target
  • Coach & develop confidence in your team members


"Jenni Prisk has been providing presentation training for our 16 nationwide offices, since 1996. Her skills and style have developed excellent speakers and presenters throughout DPR, from the office to the field. Jenni goes the extra mile to understand our company culture so that her training fits our specific needs. We highly recommend her expertise."
— Peter Nosler, Founder
DPR Construction, Inc.


Executive Coaching

Enhance the skills of your management and leadership teams with coaching that offers:      

  • Quick analysis of the areas for growth
  • Straightforward, focused coaching that gets results!
  • Follow up and follow through until you are satisfied with performance


Interpersonal Skills

In companies, personnel will inevitably clash over ideas, projects and decisions.  Let Prisk Communication:

  • Help you to understand diverse personalities and how to get them to collaborate effectively
  • Bring your people together in high performance teams 
  • Provide tools for working through the challenges
  • Guide individuals through one-on-one coaching
  • Insure that your goals are achieved


Face-to-Face Networking

There is a great deal of discussion about networking nowadays, because most of it is electronic.  However, face-to-face networking still accounts for a huge percentage of new and continuing business.  Let Prisk Communication show you :

  • How to persuade your people that "cocktail conversation" can be intelligent, focused and fun
  • Skills for groups that will make you look and sound impressive and interesting
  • How to start up conversations, draw interest in your business, and have clients knocking at your door!


Team Building

Give your team a hand-up to greater success with dynamic Team Building from Prisk Communication.  Learn to:

  • Discover the different personalities in your team and how to help them to collaborate more dynamically
  • Identify the team goals and how a renewed approach will elevate the team's results
  • Discover "silent" energy in the team and bring it to the fore to create a high performance team


Women in Leadership

Now more than ever, the women in your company are progressing to the top.  Yet they don't always feel confident in their new roles.  Prisk Communication provides:

  • A safe and comfortable environment in which to learn leadership skills
  • Skills that allow retention of female authority with a more confident hand
  • Vocal, body language and presentation skills
  • Follow up and follow through until the woman is secure in her role


Jenni Prisk is that rare and wonderful combination of motivational speaker and entertainer.  She quickly captivates an audience with her humor and holds their attention with her wisdom.  Recently, I had the privilege of hosting Jenni on campus as the keynote speaker at a women's leadership conference.  We asked her to speak on the value of mentoring as a way to empower women in leadership roles.  Participants at the conference described Jenni as "incredible," "very interactive," "refreshing," "centered and motivated to help women grow," "inspirational," "a mentor and role model for women," "an excellent presenter," and "just plain TERRIFIC!"  I couldn't have said it better myself!
— Karen S. Haynes, Ph.D.
President, Cal State San Marcos


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